Local Headlines 7-7-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Without a robust defense, defendants face no justice

Jury’s out on Salt Lake County’s defense of the indigent

Mail-in votes becoming the rule in Salt Lake County

Utah’s growing Latino population attracts national LULAC convention

Biskupski out-raises Becker after ouster of police chief

Vows exchanged in darkened Salt Lake County halls

Deseret News

Op-ed: Campaign finance system is broken

Op-ed: Honest debates are worth the dignity, integrity of Utah and its citizens

Editorial: Declining abortion rates are welcome, but it doesn’t mirror Gallup’s poll of ‘state of moral values’

New plans for Wasatch Front bikers, drivers and commuters

Nation’s oldest Latino civil rights organization holds convention in Salt Lake City

14 of 16 Salt Lake County cities choose vote-by-mail for 2015 elections

BYU conference explores what’s next for religious freedom