Program Aims to Bring More Women Into Politics and Business (Video)

Former Utah State Senator Pat Jones has a simple idea – get more women involved in politics and business in the Beehive State.

Her new project, the Women's Leadership Institute, aims to do just that. 
"There are many needs out there for the development of women and their talents," says Jones. "This is a great idea not just because it's the nice thing to do and it's more equitable for everyone, there's a real benefit to having more women in leadership positions."
Jones explains that women bring a different perspective and point of view to the corporate and political world.
"I was the only woman on the Law Enforcement Committee when I was in the House. All of the gun bills went through that committee. The makeup of that group, even with Democrats, tended to be people who were very friendly to existing gun laws. It's a fact that women think very differently on that issue."
Jones says the biggest roadblock to getting more women involved is the culture in Utah.
"Women don't often see the benefit of running for office. That's unfortunate because having women in these positions would lead to better public policy."