Local Headlines 7-13-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Rolly: Tea party founder raises ire with same-sex marriage support

Op-ed: Salt Lake City’s public-space successes abound

Op-ed: End the stalling and pass Healthy Utah so that more Utahns may live

Op-ed: If it stops issuing marriage licenses, Utah would gain nothing and lose much

Editorial: Police shouldn’t check immigrant status

Editorial: Feds can’t steal land they already own

Obama administration seeks Latino help to fight climate change

Utah cities turning to lobbyists as their lifeline to the Legislature

How should Utah spend $3.5B on transportation?

Paul Rolly: Mormon church moves to build a city in Florida

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Fireworks not the only explosions in the Beehive State

Op-ed: Why Utah won’t miss the Export-Import Bank

Pat Jones: Step up, women — and be willing to lead

Drew Clark: The lessons of Roe v. Wade for judicial same-sex marriage

Editorial: Supreme Court’s ruling won’t buck trend of reduction of harmful emissions

Editorial: After 14 years of No Child Left Behind, there’s still too many lagging behind in the classroom

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton coming to Utah for fundraiser

Are Utah students up for the challenge of STEM academics?

Mountain Accord plan released; now the real work begins

Economic analysis of prison move was key to pushing project forward

Religious freedom experts worry about their First Amendment rights after marriage ruling


Editorial: Which side do you belong to in Utah? (Daily Herald)

Students greet STEM subjects with enthusiasm (Daily Herald)

West Davis Corridor will impact Layton leaders’ land (Standard-Examiner)

One Wasatch stays in the game (Park Record)