National Headlines 7-16-15

Congress balks at Obama’s UN move on Iran deal (Politico)

Gunman kills four Marines in an ‘act of domestic terrorism’ (The Hill)

In closing probe, Wisconsin court gives big victory to 2016 hopeful Walker (Washington Post)

Jeb Bush, in San Francisco visit, says Trump is preying on immigration fears (Los Angeles Times)

Hillary Clinton, in New Hampshire, declines to commit to liberal wish list (Los Angeles Times)

Socialist Sanders on Low End of Earners Among Candidates (Associated Press)

U.S. Senate votes No Child Left Behind remake that frees states from Common Core (Times-Picayune)

Nation Arizona defends denying driver’s licenses to ‘Dreamers,’ faces skeptical judge (Los Angeles Times)

GOP Is Quiet About Fed Rate Increases, but Democrats Voice Concerns (New York Times)

Obama administration aims to protect streams from coal mining (Reuters)

Doubt raised on Puerto Rico bond payment (Financial Times)