Americans Support Federal Non-Discrimination Law

A majority of Americans would get behind a federal non-discrimination law based on sexual orientation.

Politico got their hands on a new poll from Americans for Workplace Opportunity. The survey finds most voters think a law banning discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation is already in place.

In fact, a statistical model finds majority support for this law in all 50 states. The analysis says 68% of Utahns would support such a measure.

The poll, which surveyed people in all 50 states, comes as supporters of the bill are pressing Congress to take action soon. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is said to be searching for Republican support for the bill, a long-dormant effort that got a shot in the arm last July when it passed out of the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee.

“It’s really very encouraging to see not just the level of support but the source” of where it is coming from, said Matt McTighe, who is head of the Americans for Workplace Opportunity campaign. He said it’s also worth noting that Lundry, who was Mitt Romney’s director of data science, is an “extremely reputable Republican pollster who’s worked with a lot of Republican candidates and conservative organizations.”