Incumbency Pays Off in Congressional Fundraising

Zowie! House incumbents hold an 11-1 fundraising advantage over their 2014 opponents so far this year.

Roll Call says new numbers from the FEC show House incumbent raised more than $160 million during the first six months of 2013 while their 2014 challengers had pulled in just over $14 million.

Most of that money came from PACs:

The receipts of House incumbents were dramatically pumped up by a 129-to-1 advantage in receipts from PACs. House incumbents received $77.6 million and challengers received $603,067 from PACs of corporations, unions, trade associations, interest groups and leadership PACs of other members of Congress. Republican incumbents received $46.1 million, and Democratic incumbents received $31.5 million.

House incumbents had a 6-to-1 advantage in raising funds from individual contributors. Incumbents raised $74 million to the challengers’ $12 million.