National Headlines 8-12-15

Hillary Clinton under fresh attack for email use (Politico)

Obama’s anti-ISIL push falls flat on social media (Politico)

Poll: Most want criminal probe of Clinton emails (The Hill)

Outsiders take over GOP (The Hill)

Jimmy Carter says he has cancer, revealed by recent surgery (Associated Press)

Odierno: Embed US troops as direct advisers for Iraqi ground unit (Stars and Stripes)

A few asterisks on that ‘Bernie Sanders leads in New Hampshire’ poll (Washington Post)

Scott Walker approves spending $250 million on Milwaukee Bucks arena (Washington Post)

New video alleges Planned Parenthood partner does not obtain consent for fetal donations (FOX News)

Ohio to vote on legalizing marijuana (Cincinnati Inquirer)

EPA chief: ‘We will be fully accountable’ for toxic spill (USA Today)