Here Comes the Romney 2016 Chatter Again

It's the rumor that won't die – Mitt Romney running for president in 2016. This time, former Donald Trump advisor Roger Stone says Mitt is thinking about getting back into the race.

The Washington Examiner flags a CNN interview with Stone who said Jeb Bush's lackluster performance so far in the campaign is prompting Romney to take another look at a run. You'll remember it was the early fundraising prowess of Bush that pushed Romney out of the race.

"I do think with Jeb's failure across the board and his underperformance and that paleo diet, he's got no energy" said Stone to CNN's Michael Smerconish. "He's just flat. There's no passion there. There's no-can-do spirit. It's somnambulant. This is why Trump is just zooming past him."

Noted Mitt Romney supporter Orrin Hatch has already thrown his support behind Bush, which could make it uncomfortable between the two men's camps.

Here's the video: