Outdoor Retail Expo Commits to SLC Through 2018

The Outdoor Retailer Show extends its contract with Salt Lake City two more years after exhibitors and attendees reveal they prefer Utah over Las Vegas, Chicago, and other proposed relocation cities.

Reports the Associated Press:

The world’s largest outdoor retail show considered moving to other cities with more lodging and convention space but chose to stay in Utah after attendees revealed an overwhelming desire to keep the expo at the foot of the mountains in Salt Lake City, officials said Monday.

The Outdoor Retailer Show — which is staged twice a year and brings the state an estimated $45 million annual economic boost — extended its contract with Salt Lake City two more years through 2018.

Show officials contemplated relocating to Las Vegas, Chicago and other cities but decided to stay in Salt Lake City after exhibitors and attendees said they prefer Utah, Outdoor Retailer spokeswoman Kate Lowery said in a phone interview.

“Salt Lake City lives the same lifestyle that our show exemplifies,” Lowery said. “The mountains and the lakes provide the opportunity to showcase our industry so well in Salt Lake City.”

The retail expo has come to Salt Lake City for every show since 1996, except for 2002 during the Winter Olympics.

It “has grown well beyond a successful trade show and is part of the DNA of the state of Utah,” said Brad Petersen, director of the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation.