Hatch: Iran Deal Makes War More Likely

In a Washington Times op-ed, Sen. Orrin Hatch says Pres. Obama’s “catastrophically bad” deal with Iran paves, rather than precludes, the terror-sponsoring regime’s path to nuclear weapons capability.

Writes Hatch:

It is my unwavering judgment that this deal makes war much more likely. Let there be no doubt.

A deal that paves, rather than precludes, Iran’s path to nuclear weapons capability makes war more likely.

A deal that makes the Iranian regime more confident of its ability to protect its nuclear program from international pressure and military action makes war more likely.

A deal that funnels tens of billions of dollars to terrorists bent on destabilizing the Middle East makes war more likely.

A deal that provokes a nuclear arms race in the most volatile region on the globe makes war more likely.

A deal that surrounds Israel not only with a nuclear Iran, but also eventually with numerous other regimes with nuclear weapons capability and a genocidal attitude toward the Jewish State makes war more likely.

And a deal that puts the Iranian regime and its terrorist allies one turn of a screwdriver away from a nuclear weapon and a means of delivering it across the oceans makes war more likely.