Reid Donates (Dirty?) Money to LDS Church

Harry Reid’s leadership PAC donates $10,000 to the Mormon Church after Reid’s 2007 fundraiser, Harvey Whittemore, is sentenced to prison for campaign finance violations. 

Reports Roll Call:

It goes against the grain of most candidates to give any contributions back, but a U.S. Senator, whose 2007 fundraiser was just sentenced to two years in prison for campaign finance violations, has given away $10,000 to the Mormon church.

The Searchlight Leadership Fund, the leadership PAC of Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., the Senate Majority Leader, has just reported it had given $10,000 on 8/5 to the Church of Latter Day Saints.

It is not clear if this donation was meant to disgorge funds from Harvey Whittemore, his 2007 fundraiser. Whittemore was found guilty in May of making excessive contributions, making contributions in the names of others, and causing a false report to be filed with Federal Election Commission. He was sentenced last week to two years in prison, but his lawyers are appealing the case.