Bishop Hails Injunction against Fracking Rule

Rep. Rob Bishop praises a federal judge’s decision blocking the Obama administration from instituting its new regulations for hydraulic fracturing on federal lands.

Reports The Hill:

Opponents of the rule praised the decision on Wednesday.

“We are overjoyed that we are finally getting relief from the courts regarding the regulatory overreach of the Obama Administration,” said Kathleen Sgamma, the vice president of government and public affairs at Western Energy Alliance.

“The United States has experienced a regulatory onslaught from an administration that acts as if it is not bound by the limits of the law. The regulatory overreach has cost hundreds of thousands of jobs and prevented considerable economic growth.”

Republican lawmakers also supported the injunction.

“The Interior Departments new rules … would create a second regulatory layer on top of the states’ regulation, creating unnecessary delays and increased costs for energy producers,” Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.) said.

“That translates into increased costs for energy consumers. The energy industry needs certainty to make the kinds of investments that will create more energy more efficiently with better environmental stewardship.”

Rep. Rob Bishop, the chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, called the ruling “the right decision.”

“The BLM’s hydraulic fracturing rule will cause major harm to states, industry, and the American people if implemented, so much so that the Wyoming District Court blocked the implementation until further analysis,” Bishop said.

“This judicial decision is the right decision because it stops the Obama Administration from shoving this harmful policy down the states’ throats.”