National Headlines 10-10-13

Ryan steps up to shape a deal (The Hill)

Values Voter Summit snubs Christie (The Hill)

Senate to vote on advancing $1T debt limit hike Saturday (The Hill)

GOP to Propose Temporary Debt-Ceiling Increase (Wall Street Journal)

Kwame Kilpatrick sentenced to serve 28 years in prison (Detroit Free Press)

Mike Ditka says he should have run against Obama for Senate in 2004 (Los Angeles Times)

Can Congress fix ‘shameful’ military death benefit lapse? (NBC News)

Book: Bush-Cheney partnership ‘misunderstood’ (USA Today)

The Obama Administration and the Press (CPJ)

Ted Cruz Unskews the Polls (National Journal)

AP retracts story about Virginia gubernatorial candidate McAuliffe (Los Angeles Times)

Standoff on Debt Has Yet to Rattle Asia (New York Times)