National Headlines 10-19-15

Boehner faces treacherous path to the exits (Politico)

Biden watch kicks into high gear (Politico)

Dems join Trump’s 9/11 bashing of Jeb Bush (The Hill)

Poll: Sanders holds post-debate lead in NH (The Hill)

Texas cuts Planned Parenthood from Medicaid (CNN)

Feds Looking Into Reports CIA Director’s Email Was Hacked (NBC News)

Jim Webb may be contemplating running as an independent instead of as a Democrat (Washington Post)

The Great Bush-Trump War of October 2015: A Bush weakness exposed (Washington Post)

The murky state of the Republican presidential race, in two graphs (Washington Post)

Ohio delays executions until 2017 over lack of lethal drugs (Associated Press)

Discordant Financial Messages From China Spur Global Unease (New York Times)