National Headlines 10-16-13

Congress Passes Debt Deal, Reopening the Government (New York Magazine)

Cory Booker Wins Senate Bid in New Jersey (U.S. News & World Report)

House stenographer loses it during shutdown vote (USA Today)

Analysis: Less than 1 percent of visitors to ObamaCare exchange enrolled (The Hill)

Conservatives say Boehner’s job is safe (The Hill)

ObamaCare spared in fiscal deal (The Hill)

Senate Leaders Reach Bipartisan Deal (Wall Street Journal)

LAX dry ice bombs were joke to suspect, police say; $1-million bail (Los Angeles Times)

Defiant Cruz rails against U.S. fiscal deal, but won’t delay it (Reuters)

National parks caught in partisan government shutdown blame game (CBS News)

N.H. gas station clerk fired for pulling gun on would-be robber (Washington Times)

Greenwald, journalist who broke NSA stories, leaving Guardian (Las Vegas Sun)