National Headlines 12-8-15

Obama’s ISIS response stirs Democratic angst about 2016 (The Hill)

Cruz blasts climate ‘alarmists’ (The Hill)

GOP rift opens as shutdown deadline nears (Politico)

Clinton forces see 3 possible GOP opponents (Politico)

Email shows Pentagon was ready to roll as Benghazi attack occurred (FOX News)

Poll: 68% of Trump’s supporters would vote for him if he bolts the GOP (USA Today)

The ISIS Trail of Death (NBC News)

Along with Trump’s rhetoric, the stakes for 2016 have risen dramatically (Washington Post)

Supreme Court Hears Arguments on ‘One Person One Vote’ (New York Times)

California members stall business on House floor as Democrats try to force gun control votes (Los Angeles Times)

Carly Fiorina struggling to break through with women (USA Today)