Bishop: Is EPA Sabotaging Gold King Mine Spill Investigation?

In a letter to the EPA’s inspector general, Rep. Rob Bishop expresses concern that the agency is trying to derail an internal review of its handling of a massive mine wastewater spill in Colorado.

Reports The Daily Caller:

Republican chairmen of two key House committees sent a letter to EPA highlighting their concerns agency officials are trying to undermine an investigation by the inspector general’s office in the wake of a recent agency document weaving a “new narrative” about the Gold King Mine blowout in August.

“[T]he Committee on Natural Resources is troubled by the EPA’s disclosure last week that it had recently interviewed two material witnesses to the EPA’s activities at Gold King Mine,” Republican Reps. Rob Bishop of Utah and Louie Gohmert of Texas wrote to the EPA’s inspector general.

“Specifically, the Committee is concerned that the EPA’s interview did not follow best investigative practices and may have interfered with the OIG’s ongoing investigation,” the lawmakers wrote to the agency.

About two weeks ago, the EPA released a document it says is intended to “clarify any misunderstandings about the incident.” The document was based on interviews the agency conducted with two on-scene coordinators “closely associated” with the Gold King Mine blowout in August.

Bishop and Gohmert, however, say the document meant to “clarify” what happened at the mine have only served to obfuscate an internal agency review of the mine blowout being conducted by the inspector general’s office.