Love to Trump: Quit Currying Favor with Putin

Rep. Mia Love says GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump should focus on winning over Americans rathern than Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

Reports the Washington Examiner:

“I’m glad he’s making friends with Putin,” she said on CNN. “I think that he would be better off making friends with Americans.”

Trump last week received something like an endorsement from Putin, who said Trump was “bright and talented.” While many Republicans noted that Putin has killed reporters and crushed his political opposition, Trump returned the favor by saying “at least he’s a leader.” The remark raised more questions about whether Trump is the right choice for Republicans who consider Putin a thug.

Love, the popular freshman who’s the first black Republican woman ever to be elected to Congress, has endorsed Marco Rubio for president. Rubio has called Putin a “gangster.”

Rubio also breaks with Trump on immigration, and on Sunday, Love took an indirect shot at Trump’s call to ban Muslim immigrants. Immigration should be “something that unites us,” Love said.