National Headlines 12-22-15

Clinton donors say Sanders is raising more than the front-runner (Politico)

Jeb Bush shows signs of life in New Hampshire (Politico)

Next GOP debate stage could shrink to six candidates (The Hill)

Cruz: I would pull US out of Paris climate deal (The Hill)

How Donald Trump May Be Helping Hillary Clinton (Bloomberg)

Clinton stands by claim that Trump helps ISIS recruitment (CNN)

Inside the Immigration File of San Bernardino Shooter Tashfeen Malik (ABC News)

Virginia revokes handgun permit agreement with 25 states (Associated Press)

Secret Service agent’s gun, badge stolen. Agency ‘in crisis’? (Christian Science Monitor)

Donald Trump, Education Policy and the Future of American Politics (Huffington Post)

Analysis of Donald Trump Tax Plan Sees a Boon for Wealthy and Trillions in Debt (New York Times)