Local Headlines 1-5-16

Salt Lake Tribune

Hatch: More productive GOP-led Senate makes Utahns better off

Editorial: Feds are right not to get trigger-happy in Oregon

Jackie Biskupski takes reins at City Hall in historic changing of the guard

Bill calls for Utah middle school students to get training on gun safety, gunmen

Utah’s Hatch: Obama is making a ‘mistake’ with executive orders on guns

Regulators to hear public comment on proposed Utah fuel plant — but only after complaint was filed

As signature gathering begins in Utah, pros are taking to the streets

Mormon leaders to Oregon militia: Your religion isn’t with you

Deseret News

Connor Boyack: Federal government tells parents they are inferior

Editorial: Oregon lawbreakers are not friends of liberty

Appellate court rules BLM must conduct inventory of artifacts

Oregon showdown echoes Utah frustration over Western lands fight

Utah officials unveil new state seal in Capitol floor

Biskupski takes office, pledges to build a more ‘inclusive’ city

Mitt Romney says he’s still being asked to run in ’16, even by a presidential candidate

Josh Romney ‘strongly considering’ run for governor in 2020

LDS Church condemns seizure of Oregon federal facilities by militia citing Mormon beliefs


Provo Municipal Council holds private swearing-in ceremony, then adds item to council agenda (Daily Herald)

LDS Church ‘strongly condemns’ Oregon militia’s takeover of federal building (Standard-Examiner)

As SB54 battles rage, candidates still uncertain about how to get on 2016 ballot (Standard-Examiner)