Local Headlines 10-22-13

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Utah needs no new law to protect students’ religious liberty

Editorial: Greg Bell’s trip through the revolving door

Utah’s Carbon Power Plant heads for early retirement

Paul Rolly: Dream ticket for 2016? Maybe Clinton-Huntsman

City Council will get a new face from District 1

Republicans to pick Cox’s replacement on Nov. 7

Utahns in Congress reaffirm plans to give pay to charities

Deseret News

Editorial: Sebelius should testify now

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: How will the government shutdown affect Utah politics?

Utah defends marriage law against challenge, saying it promotes better parenting

Utah medical device company figuring out ways to make Affordable Care Act work

Doug Robinson: Champion of the community college

Doug Robinson: Raised on the US Constitution, Utah woman now helping other countries write their own

No guarantee Utah will get back all money spent to reopen national parks

At BYU, Baptist says Mormons and evangelicals ‘may go to jail together’

Ogden man bypasses Affordable Care Act website bug


Donna McAleer: What sort of mission is Rob Bishop on? (Park Record)

Early voting set to begin for city elections (Daily Herald)

Editorial: The GOP’s dark force Senate (Standard-Examiner)

Lawmaker’s bill may add $400 million to Utah schools, but at what expense? (Standard-Examiner)

Audit puts USTAR funds at risk (Logan Herald Journal)