Local Headlines 1-25-16

Salt Lake Tribune

Rolly: Utahns lambaste their legislators but vote for them anyway

Op-ed: State film subsidy is handout to Hollywood billionaires

Op-ed: Keep Utah’s language education momentum going through high school

Editorial: Computers over teachers? Not the question

Editorial: Another constitutional amendment won’t fix Utah schools

Lawmakers rake in cash from special interests

Majority of Utahns wants to scrap state’s monopoly on booze

Major work coming for I-215 in western Salt Lake County

Growing pains: Discord at Glendale Community Council

UTA doubles Capitol bus service for legislative session

Utah guv’s George Carlin-inspired ‘Que pasa’ remark offends some Latino lawmakers

Utahns air tortoise vs. road dispute at congressional field hearing

Despite setbacks and cost, Utahns still want health care for poor

Utahns divided on public-lands transfer, Lyman punishment

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Utah Legislature blasting off with election-year session

John Florez: Open the people’s house

Lane Beattie: Business leadership key to our economic success

Jay Evensen; End fighting over public lands in the state

Editorial: Utahns need to understand and appreciate the value of their citizen Legislature

Congressional committee rails on BLM over Washington County land plans

Health care services executive enters Utah governor’s race

UTA adds extra bus service to state Capitol during legislative session

Salt Lake City leaders seeking Legislature’s help in addressing air quality, homelessness

Public lands ‘listening’ session brings howls of complaints against feds

Rising penalties drive Utahns to sign up for health care, but concerns grow

Behind closed doors: Public decisions made in private

Utah Dems look ahead, celebrate at annual legislative gala

President Harrison billboards teach a lesson to Utah’s lieutenant governor

Utah lawmakers get creative with Medicaid expansion

Utah lawmakers to grapple with gun issues

No insurance, but still clinging to hope


Redd: Many Utahns may support Medicaid expansion, but it’s not that simple (Logan Herald Journal)

Editorial: It’s time to take away the state GOP’s power (Daily Herald)

Issues to watch for during the upcoming Utah legislative session (Daily Herald)

Editorial: Governor Herbert, tear down this Zion Curtain (Standard-Examiner)

Utah lawmakers gear up for the 2016 legislative session (Standard-Examiner)