Local Headlines 1-26-16

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: All of income-tax surplus should go to public ed, not higher ed

Editorial: Time to pay attention to the Utah Legislature

Poll: Utahns want legislative debate out in the open

Rolly: With Bishop, do we believe what he says or what his lands bill would do?

Veteran Public Services Director Rick Graham to leave City Hall

Utah House votes to let clerks provide up-to-date election results

Will ban on same-sex marriage remain on Utah books despite new reality?

The Utah Legislature gets underway, with focus on education, water, public lands

High-tech study would link Draper prison-site project to Lehi boom

Bill seeks to declare Spiral Jetty as Utah’s official ‘state work of art’

Doug Owens has nearly $500K to challenge Rep. Mia Love

Jeremy Johnson makes first foray in court as own attorney

Utah Chief Justice says reforms will backfire without beefed-up treatment

Utah House votes to let clerks provide up-to-date election results

Deseret News

Op-ed: Utahns make a moral argument for medical marijuana

Derek B. Miller: Former Gov. Huntsman offers insight into China’s economy

Editorial: Supreme Court agrees to hear executive order challenge

Rep. Stewart launches Valentine’s Day card drive to honor Utah’s veterans

Public lands lawsuit already a focus of 2016 Legislature

House speaker ends daily media availability

Closed caucuses, health care and gun issues — points of interest for 2016 Utah Legislatur

Job 1 for legislators: Educate Utah’s children

Biskupski sends city’s 30-year public services director out of office

Justice reform could increase crime without treatment funding, Utah chief justice says


After Flint water crisis, officials say not to worry about northern Utah water (Standard-Examiner)

New county commissioner candidate Jim Harvey appears clear of Hatch Act woes (Standard-Examiner)

Utah election bill rouses controversy on Legislature’s first day (Standard-Examiner)