Press Release: Jonathan Johnson Unveils His K-12 Education Plan

In radio ads to be launched this week, Jonathan Johnson, Republican candidate for Utah Governor stated, “We all know providing outstanding education is vital to Utah’s future.  As good as Utah does, we need to do better. As a father of five sons who went to public school, I have a plan to provide real improvements to Utah’s education system.”

Johnson’s education plan includes: Offering reading aides for 1-3 grade classrooms, paying teachers fairly and reimbursing them for out-of-pocket expenses for classroom schools supplies (up to $425 per year), empowering principals with budget, hiring and firing authority with input from parents, teachers and local school community councils, and ending Common Core. 

The radio ads, which will begin running this week, unveil Johnson’s education plan to the public.

Johnson stated, “Utahns want to improve Utah’s K-12 education. Unfortunately, Gov. Herbert has responded to those requests by looking to the federal government for solutions – solutions with bureaucratic mandates.  It’s time to use localization and personalization as the guiding principles to improve Utah’s K-12 education system.”