1 in 5 Eligible Utahns Fail to Claim Potentially Life-Changing Tax Credit

Imagine discovering an extra $2,323. That’s the average amount the Earned Income Tax Credit provides Utah tax filers who claim it. EITC can increase the effective wage of qualifying workers by more than $2/hour. But why does it so often go unclaimed?

Many Utahns eligible for the EITC just don’t know about the tax credit; others don’t file a tax return, fearing additional debt burden. The truth is, by not filing taxes, these people may be missing out on money that’s already theirs.
Friday, January 29 marks the annual Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day, a national effort to help all who are eligible get the money they deserve. After all, one in five eligible Utah citizens fail to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit, leaving what may be a life-changing amount of money on the table.
In collaboration with communities across the state, UtahTaxHelp.org is dedicated to raising awareness about the EITC — and other valuable refunds and credits — through their annual free tax filing campaign. To learn more about the Earned Income Tax Credit and to find out if you qualify, visit UtahTaxHelp.org or call 2-1-1. But hurry! April 15 sneaks up fast and filing your taxes for free with UtahTaxHelp.org could mean more money back in your pocket!

Who Can Claim the EITC?

In order to find it if you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit, you must file your taxes. Individuals and families who earned $60,000 or less in 2015 can file online for free at UtahTaxHelp.org. Those who earned $53,000 or less can file in person for free receiveing assistance from our dedicated and highly trained volunteers at one of many Utah locations listed at UtahTaxHelp.org.

Filing for free means saving hundreds of dollars in fees charged by commercial tax preparation services and avoiding the high interest rates on Refund Anticipation Loans. In Utah, typically half of EITC filers use commercial tax preparation services, and one-third use high-interest Refund Anticipation Loans.

About Free Filing at UtahTaxhelp.org

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