Proposal Shields Gun Manufacturers from Lawsuits

Utah State Capitol 06There are several bills in the Utah Legislature modeled after federal legislation – putting in place, if you will, state legal guarantees in case the federal law is repealed or struck down by the courts.

One such is Rep. Justin Fawson’s HB298, a bill aimed at stopping “frivolous” civil lawsuits against gun and ammunition manufacturers.

Fawson, R-North Ogden, said most of the language of the bill reflects current federal law protecting 2nd Amendment rights for weapon-makers.

Utah’s Constitution says no one will be denied access to the courts – which is a significant protection. But at the same time, says Fawson, gun manufacturers should not be burdened with lawsuits for the improper use of their product.

“The same would go to automakers or others” who make a product that could be used in the death or injury of a person, he said.

Such lawsuits should be stopped now, at the state level, he added.