National Headlines 2-18-16

The pope flashes his political passions (Politico)

Here’s what a Biden campaign would look like (Politico)

Trump slams Pope Francis for questioning his faith: ‘Disgraceful’ (The Hill)

Sanders tops Clinton in a national poll for the first time (The Hill)

How the DNC Helps Clinton Buy Off Superdelegates (Observer)

Superdelegates help Clinton expand her lead despite NH loss (Associated Press)

Clinton Strong in South Carolina But Warning Signs Ahead (Bloomberg)

Trials for officers in Freddie Gray case delayed as appeals court intervenes (Washington Post)

Top New York law officials call Apple’s encryption stance irresponsible (Reuters)

A third-place finish in South Carolina would be a huge setback for Ted Cruz (Washington Post)

Bernie Sanders Takes His Turn Meeting With Civil Rights Leaders (New York Times)