Bishop Subpoenas Jewell in Probe of Gold King Mine Report

House Natural Resources Chairman Rob Bishop orders Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to hand over documents related to her department’s investigation of last summer’s Gold King Mine spill.

Reports The Denver Post:

The secretary of the interior has been subpoenaed to submit documents to a congressional committee as part of a Republican probe into her department’s investigation of the Gold King Mine spill.


Sally Jewell was ordered Wednesday by the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources to produce a long list of records and correspondences by the end of next week.


Specifically, the committee wants information about how investigators under Jewell worked with the Army Corps of Engineers to peer review the report.


The committee’s chair, Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, said the Department of Interior has interfered with his requests for information on how the Gold King Mine report was compiled.


Bishop says the DOI has tried to block records showing the Army Corps of Engineers had “serious reservations about the scope and veracity” of the interior department’s review.


Army Corps records were also subpoenaed Wednesday.