National Headlines 2-22-16

Nevada caucus calamity worries GOP (Politico)

Cruz fires top staffer for promoting false story about Rubio (Politico)

GOP fights off primary challengers in deep-red Texas (The Hill)

GOP leaders see budget breakthrough (The Hill)

Can Democrats’ love for Bill Clinton carry over to his wife? (McClatchy)

Unions say majority of members support Clinton (New York Times)

Delegate count leaves Sanders with steep climb (New York Times)

Sen. Claire McCaskill: ‘I Have Breast Cancer’ (NBC News)

John Kasich Credits 1978 Victory to ‘Women Who Left Their Kitchens’ (New York Times)

In 1992, Joe Biden called for an election-year blockade of Supreme Court nominations (Washington Post)

US Economy Still on the Rise, White House Report Finds (New York Times)