Hatch Switches to Rubio

Sen. Orrin Hatch, a former Jeb Bush supporter, endorses Marco Rubio for president, praising the Florida senator as “an honorable person.”

Reports Politico:

The former Bush supporter, and most senior Republican in the Senate, said he told Rubio by telephone on Monday morning that he would be jumping on-board with the Florida senator, who is racing to consolidate establishment support on Capitol Hill ahead of the Nevada caucuses.


“By any measure he’s one of these people you can trust. He’s honest, energetic and trustworthy,” Hatch said. “He’s an honorable person.”


The Utah senator also said that Donald Trump is “not ready to be president of United States” and stated that it might be helpful if Ohio Gov. John Kasich gets out of the presidential race to help the GOP unite behind Rubio. Kasich is competing directly with Rubio for more mainstream GOP voters.


“It would be, but that’s up to John and John’s got every right to stay in the race,” Hatch said. “But sooner or later it’s got to come down to Marco if people really look at it carefully.”