Lee for Senate Campaign Announces Completion of Signature Gathering

Lee for Senate campaign manager Jordan Hess announced that the campaign has gathered the required 28,000 signatures necessary to assure Senator Mike Lee a spot on the ballot.

At the same time, Hess said, campaign volunteers continue our high-powered caucus/convention strategy by recruiting citizens to run as delegates at their neighborhood caucuses.

“We are moving ahead in executing the plan we announced well over a year ago, to use every means available under state law to guarantee Senator Lee is on the ballot,” said Hess. “We have amassed the necessary signatures, and in the process expanded our outreach to the community, identified voters and supporters, increased our data strength, and helped citizens connect with Senator Lee’s agenda.  Our volunteers have made more than 100,000 phone calls recruiting Lee delegates for the March 22 neighborhood caucuses.”

 Hess said Senator Lee or his campaign workers and volunteers also have attended events and functions in all 29 Utah counties to shore up support for the campaign.

Hess concluded, “Thanks to our army of volunteers we are comfortable that we are doing everything necessary to assure Utahns have the opportunity to vote to send Mike Lee back to the U.S. Senate.”