National Headlines 2-25-16

Republican debate: Marco Rubio finds his fire (CNN)

Rubio ambushes Trump at GOP debate (Politico)

CNN struggles to contain debate fireworks (Politico)

Romney: ‘No legit reason’ Trump can’t release tax returns (The Hill)

Rubio, Cruz throw everything they can at front-runner Trump (The Hill)

Apple court papers: FBI is seeking ‘dangerous power’ that violates its constitutional rights (Los Angeles Times)

Abortion providers reveal their Supreme Court strategy ahead of arguments (Houston Chronicle)

If I were Brian Sandoval, I’d probably pull my name off Obama’s Supreme Court list, too (Washington Post)

A self-described unifier, Kasich not always Mr. Nice in Ohio (Washington Post)

Clinton apologizes for 1996 remark on ‘super-predators’ after encounter with activist (Washington Post)

This is the closest thing we’ve ever have to a Hillary Clinton political manifesto (Washington Post)