Local Headlines 3-4-16

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Test-range bill needs work to protect the West Desert

Op-ed: Bill to put fee on grocery bags won’t help environment

Editorial: Utah’s Republicans should take a stand on Trump

Romney calls Trump a ‘fraud,’ warns his policies would spur a recession

86.5% tax on e-cigs vaporized by lawmakers in Utah committee

Utah vaccine education bill ailing after floor amendment

Senate OKs bill to ban drones over wildfires

Bill seeks to speed up sale of cleaner fuels in Utah

Rolly: Was Salt Lake County recorder’s condition hidden from voters in 2014?

White nationalist slams Romney, lauds Trump in robocalls sent to Utahns

Romney’s attack on Trump: turning point or just too late?

Bill takes flight to more closely regulate drones

Singing for votes in the Utah House

D.A. says Utah shooting investigation ‘too important’ to risk complications in releasing bodycam video

Education fares well as lawmakers fine-tune $14.7 billion state budget

Tesla bill dies after car dealers couldn’t make a deal

Utah lawmakers quickly junk plan to hike minimum wage

House committee makes changes to school grading, election bills

Deseret News

Op-ed: Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes responds to editorial on post-employment restrictions legislation

Natalie Gochnour: Civic grace in political elections

Editorial: Romney’s University of Utah speech

Bill proposes to ban drive-thru liquor sales, increase restaurant licenses

Bill would require training for some public assistance recipients

Bill would raise funding floor for lowest-income school districts

Utah Democrats urge support of full Medicaid expansion

Bill prohibiting flying drones near wildfires passes Senate

Bill to tax e-cigarettes put on hold until summer

Senate committee kills human trafficking bill

Lawmakers advance new changes to school grading system

S.L. County GOP plans to meet with recorder about health concerns

Resilient Utahns hold to hope amid oil’s boom and bust cycle

Why should you care about Uinta Basin’s pain?

House panel approves resolution declaring porn a public health hazard

Mitt Romney: Trump is ‘a phony, a fraud’

Son of Cliven Bundy arrested in Utah on charges from Nevada standoff