National Headlines 3-9-16

Sanders stuns Clinton in Michigan (Politico)

Trump romps, Cruz gets on the board (Politico)

Sanders says Michigan momentum will propel him to victory (The Hill)

Clinton will add to delegate lead after Michigan, Mississippi contests (The Hill)

Marco Rubio’s future in the 2016 race looks cloudy (CBS News)

Fatal shooting of Oregon occupier deemed justified, but FBI team faces investigation (Los Angeles Times)

GOP Senate group deletes Tweet about double amputee pol ‘not standing up for our veterans’ (CNN)

Lynch Says She’s Unable to Consider Scalia’s Seat (New York Times)

Super PAC consultant who spent $100 million on Jeb Bush is unapologetic (Los Angeles Times)

Donald Trump wins Hawaii Republican caucuses (Washington Post)

Mark Zuckerberg asks Supreme Court to support Obama’s executive action on immigration (Fusion)