Encouraging All Reasonable People to Attend Their Political Caucus on March 22

Kim Burningham 01Attendance and active participation at these meetings is vital.  

Watching the alarming state of political affairs in this country, I am convinced the problem is that “the extremists” are exerting way too much power. The best way I know to reverse this deplorable trend is for the reasonable voters of the middle ground to speak up.  
How do we speak up? Answer: become actively involved in the political process. The process ends when we vote in November, but the steps before that are critical, and one of the important steps is the political caucuses. Be sure to go.
Some in Utah may feel that since the “Count My Vote” effort allows for an alternative way for candidates to get on the ballot, the caucus is less important. Wrong.  
In the first place, news releases this weekend suggest the alternative petition route for getting your name on the ballot may be disallowed by judicial decision! Even if that does not happen, the caucus is still very important:
  • The caucus is the place where political party organizations develop their base. If extremists take over the caucus, then the political organization’s extreme bias will follow.
  • At caucuses we vote for delegates, and delegates choose candidates. You can vote all you want in November, but if the candidates are the wrong people your vote has minimal meaning. 
  • Caucuses this year will feature polls regarding asking which candidate you support for the presidency.
To be specific, if extremists of both parties succeed in getting their candidates to be the party’s representative, when you go to vote in November your choice is more likely to be between two less than satisfactory choices.
Please go to the caucus!
And when you vote for delegates ask questions. Make certain the delegates do not support extreme candidates. You can fill in the blanks here by asking questions like: Do you support Donald Trump for president? Which candidate do you support for Governor (and make sure their answer is the less extreme candidate)?
(As one who will attend the Republican caucus this year, I believe Governor Gary Herbert is the less extreme and the more pro-education candidate.  I will be voting for delegates who favor Herbert.)
REMEMBER THE DATE:  In Utah, both Democrat and Republican caucuses will be held on Tuesday, March 22, 2016. Please be there!