National Headlines 3-14-16

What’s Wrong With Hillary? (Politico)

Inside Cruz’s state-by-state plan to defeat Trump (Politico)

Sanders gains on Clinton ahead of huge Tuesday contests (The Hill)

Romney: Kasich has a ‘real track record’ (The Hill)

‘Unprecedented’ UN global data gathering to add huge amounts of information for governments to collect (FOX News)

‘Secret agents of change’ say U.S. intelligence embracing LGBT spies (Reuters)

Sarah Palin’s spouse likely to recover from snowmobile crash (Associated Press)

Sanders seeks Midwest wins to turn tide against Clinton (Associated Press)

GOP Prepares to Fight Obama Nominee, No Matter Whom He Picks (Associated Press)

After punching incident, N.C. sheriff ponders ‘inciting a riot’ charge against Trump (Washington Post)

Ryan: Candidates Responsible for Violence at Events (New York Times)