National Headlines 3-17-16

GOP senators break emergency glass on Trump plans (Politico)

Conservatives call for ‘unity ticket’ to stop Trump (Politico)

Clinton campaign: Our lead is ‘almost insurmountable’ (The Hill)

Contested convention is looking more likely, says Speaker Ryan (The Hill)

Speaker Paul Ryan slams Donald Trump’s riots comments (CNN)

Moving Pieces: GOP alliances shift in bids to block, boost Trump (FOX News)

What’s at Stake in US Saying ISIS Committed Genocide (ABC News)

Senate Democrats slam Republican blockade as Garland visits Capitol Hill (Washington Post)

Graham backs Cruz, calling him best alternative to Trump (Washington Post)

Snyder blames bureaucrats, EPA faults state in Flint crisis (Washington Post)

Obama Privately Tells Donors That Time Is Coming to Unite Behind Hillary Clinton (New York Times)