Chaffetz Challenges EPA Chief to Resign

At a contentious hearing in Washington Thursday, House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffez tells EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy that she should resign over her agency’s failure to remedy the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Reports UPI:

Committee chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, challenged McCarthy’s remarks, noting that the EPA had the authority to correct Flint’s water issues but did not. The EPA, McCarthy said, pressured the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to act more aggressively in fixing pipe corrosion in the city: It issued an order requiring Michigan to address Flint’s problems in January 2016, but, McCarthy said, was misled by state and local officials.


“We couldn’t do our jobs effectively,” she said.


Chaffetz, citing McCarthy’s comment about a regional administrator’s “courageous” resignation over the matter, told her, “You had the opportunity (to act), you had the presence, you had the authority, you had the backing of the federal government, and you did not act when you had the chance. And if you’re going to do the courageous thing then you, too, should resign.”