Salt Lake Chamber says Voting is Good for Business

Politics can be a sensitive topic in the workplace. Because of this, many employees and employers simply avoid the subject. Despite this taboo, the opportunity to be politically active should not be ignored or taken for granted. And, as the Beehive State has been abuzz with political participation this week, we encourage all businesses to invite their employees to either continue this trend or to start getting involved regardless of their party affiliation.

Why?Put simply, it’s good for business when the state is politically active.

Why is voting a good thing for business?The elected officials placed in office – on the local, state and federal levels – have a direct impact on business. The policies and initiatives that they allow to pass into law can drastically effect business operations, the regulations that companies face and the amount of corporate taxes they pay. This is important to remember both as an employer and as an employee.

The Salt Lake Chamber believes that electing candidates who have a pro-business mindset is beneficial to the entire state. When business thrives, communities prosper.

Empowering Employees.Employers should do their best to support their employees participating in the political and civic process. This may include facilitating schedules for voting, attending public meetings or, if an employee chooses, providing enough flexibility for workers to become elected officials.  Another way businesses can encourage involvements is through sharing non-partisan information that educates their employees on pressing issues, important meetings and key voting dates.

Be Engaged.Throughout this election year, we ask that businesses encourage employees, colleagues and associates to make their voice heard by casting their vote and engaging in the political and civic process. It’s good for business.