Utah Has Never Nominated a Woman for Governor

Utah is one of 10 states that has not had a major-party female nominee for governor since at least 1924.

Smart Politics says, during that stretch, Utah has seen the Democratic and Republican parties nominate 48 candidates, not one of them female.

Former Gov. Olene Walker did not get to defend her seat after rising to the top spot when Mike Leavitt resigned to head up the EPA.

Other Western states have seen plenty of female nominees for governor. Hawaii has nominated 5 women, with two of them winning. Wyoming also has seen 5 women nominees (1 winner). Other western states with female nominees:

  • Arizona – 6 (4 winners)
  • Nevada – 4 (0 winners)
  • Montana – 3 (1 winner)
  • New Mexico – 2 (1 winner)
  • Colorado – 1 (0 winners)

Joining Utah with zero female nominees since 1924 are Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee and Wisconsin.