Massive Delicate Arch Banner Project Takes Shape

After nearly a year’s delay, the banner project to protect Delicate Arch is now on track.

Environmental impact studies, threatened lawsuits and bureaucratic paperwork slowed the campaign to shield one of the country’s great treasures, but work is now proceeding. “After jumping through countless hoops and engaging all possible participants, we are ready to install the first test graphic as soon as the weather clears”, stated Kirk Green, CEO of

A year ago it was announced that two companies, and Ferrari Color had been awarded the contract to produce and install a vinyl mesh encasement over Delicate Arch.  The quickly deteriorating national monument has been the focus of many studies and geological surveys.  Without the dramatic move to cover the sandstone icon, the structure could crumble within a generation.  Even with today’s announcement that the process is now going forward, the twelve month delay has been the cause of much concern.

“It is quite frustrating”, noted Dan Spangenberg, CIO of Ferrari Color, “we may already be too late. Moisture, temperature fluctuations and heavy winds have created immense erosion”.  It is reported that small cracks previously measuring less than 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) are now larger than 8 centimeters (3.1 inch).  “We just can’t wait any longer”, emphasized Spangenberg.The plan is to protect the arch by creating a cabling system to hold a fine weave mesh vinyl in place.  The mesh vinyl will cover the entire structure and will withstand the extreme weather conditions found in this part of the country.  The engineering allows the entire graphic to be withdrawn in only a few minutes and then be reinstalled in about the same time.  This process will keep the arch visible during parts of the day, while keeping it protected for long periods of time.

Corporate sponsorships have all been filled.  In recognition for their contributions, logos of each sponsor will be printed on vinyl.  The plan is to have everything completed by April 1, 2017

Have a happy April Fool’s Day!