Friday’s Talking Points – April 1, 2016

Happy April Fool’s Day from Salt Lake City. Today is the 92nd day of the year. There are 274 days left in 2016.

Donald Trump visits with GOP bigwigs in Washington. Utah lawmakers consider a veto-override session. A new initiative will encourage immigrant entrepreneurs in Utah.

The clock:

  • 22 days to the Utah Republican and Democratic State Conventions (4/23/2016)
  • 38 days to the last day a veto override session may begin (5/9/2016)
  • 88 days to the 2016 Utah primary election – (6/28/2016)
  • 108 days to the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland (7/18/2016)
  • 115 days to the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia (7/25/2016)
  • 221 days until the 2016 presidential election – (11/8/2016)
  • 297 days until the first day of the 2017 Utah Legislature – (1/23/2017)
  • 342 days until the final day of the 2017 Utah Legislature – (3/9/2017)

Ten talking points for Friday:

  1. Following a terrible day on the campaign trail, Donald Trump makes a surprise visit to Republican headquarters in Washington, D.C. to meet with party officials [Politico].
  2. Mississippi lawmakers pass a sweeping “religious liberty” bill which bars legal punishments against people or businesses who believe marriage is between a man and a woman or that “sexual relations are properly reserved to such a marriage” [NBC News].
  3. Lawmakers are considering a veto-override session after Gov. Gary Herbert vetoed $1.5 million for an online preschool program [Deseret News, Tribune].
  4. Rep. LaVar Christensen says he will work with Gov. Herbert to refine his grandparent’s rights bill after Herbert vetoed this year’s legislation [Deseret News].
  5. Bob Bernick looks ahead to who could be the key players in the 2017 Legislature [Utah Policy].
  6. The left-leaning Alliance for a Better Utah joins a lawsuit against the IRS brought by a bunch of Tea Party-affiliated groups [Fox 13].
  7. SLC Board of Education member Michael Clara says he’s troubled by a legal settlement over a “gang sweep” at West Hight School by the Salt Lake City Police Department [Tribune, Deseret News].
  8. Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams announces a new initiative to encourage immigrant entrepreneurs in Utah [Deseret News, Fox 13].
  9. Five top female soccer players sue the U.S. Soccer Federation over wage discrimination, claiming they are paid significantly less than their male counterparts [Yahoo Sports].
  10. Utah’s autism rate holds steady after six years of increases [Tribune].

On this day in history:

  • 1789 – The U.S. House of Representatives held its first full meeting in New York City.
  • 1826 – Samuel Morey was granted a patent for the internal combustion engine.
  • 1853 – Cincinnati, Ohio, became the first U.S. city to pay its firefighters a regular salary.
  • 1924 – Adolf Hitler was sent to prison for five years after failing to take over Germany by force in the unsuccessful “Beer Hall Putsch.”
  • 1945 – American forces invaded Okinawa during World War II.
  • 1976 – Apple Inc. was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.