Dabakis Takes Tribune Proposal to DOJ

Senator Jim Dabakis (D-SL) released the following statement after a meeting with Department of Justice officials Monday morning about the future of Utah’s biggest newspaper, The Salt Lake Tribune.

“I emphasized to the Department of Justice particularly Mr David Kully, Chief of the Litigation III Section of the Antitrust Division, how vital it is for Utah to have two healthy, vibrant and independent voices.”

“There are few issues that will touch more Utahns for a longer period of time than keeping the Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News prosperous through the next incantation of media. I brought a serious proposal from a group of Utahns who seek to guarantee that our state will have the Tribune as a professionally run, financially secure, and independent voice for many generations to come.”

“It has been encouraging to see the willingness of various stakeholders in the Tribune’s complex situation work together for a fair solution, that will respect everyone’s interests and provide a stable situation for the Tribune to flourish.”