Press Release: Greene and Dayton Top GrassRoots Report Card

Rep. Brian Greene (R-UT) received the top score of all legislators on this year’s GrassRoots report.  Sen. Margaret Dayton (R-UT) received the top score in the Senate.

Rounding out the top 10% in the House were Marc Roberts (R-UT), Kim Coleman (R-SL), John Knotwell (R-UT), Dan McCay (R-UT) and David Lifferth (R-UT).  On the Senate side Scott Jenkins (R-WB) and Mark Madsen (R-UT) were in the top 10%

Governor Herbert received a 24% compared to his lifetime average of 47%.  Herbert’s previous scores were: 71% (2010); 73% (2011); 75% (2012); 28% (2013); 29% (2014); 41% (2015).  

The report can be found at

“We are concerned that the majority of the bills that made our report this year, expanded the role of government,” said GrassRoots chair Don Guymon. “It is disappointing that a majority of the legislature voted for these bills and Governor Herbert did not use his veto power more”          

Issues on this year’s report involved government spending, protecting Constitutional rights, family rights and government competing with private enterprise.  

“At a time our legislature is laying the groundwork to sue the federal government, we are disappointed the legislature passed H.B. 437 which makes us more dependent on the federal government,” said Guymon.  “Utah will be on the hook, if our federal government ever decides to put its financial house in order.

GrassRoots has been issuing an annual legislative report card since 1992.  The Constitutions of the nation and state are the guides which GrassRoots uses in picking issues for its legislative report card.  Bills are picked without regard to any particular individual. GrassRoots has no paid staff.

GrassRoots is Committed to the Principles of the Constitution, Representative and Limited Government, 

Participatory Republic, Free Market, Economy, Family and Separation of Powers.