Utah GOP Files Another Appeal in the Fight Against SB54

Utah Supreme CourtThe Utah Republican Party appealed a Utah Supreme Court ruling to the federal court on Wednesday, just another step in the party bosses’ refusal to comply with the new state dual-track candidate nomination law.

Party bosses didn’t say they would kick out of the party any signature-gathering candidate who fails to get 40 percent of their convention delegate vote – but the threat was clearly implied. Republican delegates meet April 23 at their state convention.

Still, the Utah Elections Offices has already decided to follow SB54 unless some court, somewhere, overrules it.

And that has not happened so far.

Thus, any candidate who has gathered the required number of signatures needed in his race will go to the June party primary ballot, regardless of what happens in any convention vote by delegates — even if he doesn’t get 40 percent of his delegates’ convention votes.

Mark Thomas, state elections office, told UtahPolicy he has no comment on the party’s latest federal filing until state attorneys respond to that filing sometime Thursday.

The latest GOP court filing hints that there may be more lawsuits filed – with the possibility that a sitting GOP legislator who fails to get at least 40 percent of his convention delegate vote (however that may happen) will actually find his own party working against him in a June primary showdown.

Strange, to say the least.

Democratic state chairman Peter Corroon said following the GOP’s filing: “How long is the Utah Republican Party going to play this game?

“How long will they continue to defy the will of the people, the law enacted by Utah’s Republican Legislature and signed into law by Utah’s Republican governor, and the opinions of both the federal court and now also the Utah Supreme Court?”

Here is a Deseret News story on the legal latest battle.