National Headlines 4-17-16

Could Trump Be Impeached Shortly After He Takes Office? (Politico)

Trump’s campaign may see some fallout from its fight with the RNC (CNN)

Sanders: Clooney is backing the wrong horse (CNN)

As Supreme Court battle looms, undocumented immigrants seek truce (USA Today)

Gov. McCrory Stands Behind Parts of North Carolina’s ‘Bathroom Law’ (NBC News)

The Battle for New York’s Key Voting Blocs in the Primaries (New York Times)

2016’s Other Big Question Mark: The Senate (New York Times)

Michelle Fields Attacks Prosecutor’s Wife (Daily Beast)

Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei Takes Aim at Donald Trump’s Trade Policies (Wall Street Journal)

Insurers May Leave Obamacare Markets, But Don’t Expect A Mass Exodus (Forbes)

Americans pay more in taxes than for housing, food, clothes combined (MarketWatch)