Mayor Biskupski will Reconvene Homeless Services Site Evaluation Commission with April 18 Meeting

On Monday, April 18, Salt Lake City’s efforts to address homelessness effectively and compassionately will continue with a meeting of the reconvened Homeless Services Site Evaluation Commission.

Mayor Biskupski will welcome the panel and share her vision and charge for its work.

The Commission is tasked with recommending the best configuration and location for shelter and emergency homeless services. Last year, with public input, the “scattered site model” – which calls for separate sites for identified sub-populations of the homeless population—was adopted by the Commission.

“To better serve our communities it is critical that we embrace a new model, one that prioritizes treatment and prevention, keeps families and children safe, minimizes the pressure on single locations, and recognizes the necessity for statewide action,” Mayor Biskupski said.

The Commission will have the Biskupski Administration’s full support, both in resources and with policy. “Salt Lake City will continue to care for homeless individuals in our state, including handling the hardest populations. Our city will also become a leader and a model for other communities to emulate,” Mayor Biskupski said.

The Commission will address two specific goals during its work:

  • Determine appropriate locations for up to two resource centers in Salt Lake City. These resource centers will serve the single men and single female populations. They will be designed not to exceed 250 persons. Resource centers will provide housing, as well as treatment and services.
  • Develop a site selection model to be used by communities across the state.

Gail Miller and Palmer DePaulis, who contributed their expertise last year as co-chairs of the Salt Lake County Collective Impact Steering Committee, have agreed to serve as co-chairs of the Homeless Service Site Evaluation Commission.