Study: Anti-Trump Ads Don’t Work on Men

Donald Trump 06It looks like negative advertising targeting Donald Trump does a good job of convincing women to vote against the presumptive Republican nominee, but it has virtually zero effect on men.

Roll Call says a Republican data firm tested the effectiveness four anti-Trump TV ads ahead of the Indiana primary. They found a significant number of women voters, 8-percent, were convinced to switch their vote away from Trump. However, none of the men they surveyed were convinced not to vote for Trump.

Three ads that questioned Trump’s character, however, had much greater resonance with women (these ads included the one that repeated his past criticisms of women, one that featured Romney, and one highlighting his history at Trump University). Trump’s support among women who viewed them dropped from 52 percent to 44 percent.


“There are still women on the fence who are really ambivalent, and this seems to suggest that you can push them off the fence and back away from him fairly easily by raising concerns about his honesty and temperament,” Schaeffer said.