Americans for Prosperity Applauds Utah Transit Authority’s Decision to Make Board Meetings Public

The Utah Transit Authority announced that it will end the practice of holding closed-door board meetings and will allow the public to attend the meetings going forward.

The decision came after Salt Lake County leaders threatened to block $150 million in tax dollars to the UTA if they failed to make their committee hearings open to the public.

Americans for Prosperity-Utah State Director Evelyn Everton had the following comment:

“Americans for Prosperity is encouraged by the Utah Transit Authority’s decision to listen to the community and change their policy on holding closed board meetings. Given that the UTA has become known for its lack of accountability and questionable practices with our tax dollars, this is a step in the right direction for increased transparency in our state government.

“These meetings are meant to allow the public to voice their concerns and understand to a greater extent how the UTA is spending hard-earned tax dollars. Giving citizens the opportunity to participate in these discussions is a good thing and will go a long way toward restoring public trust. We are also grateful to the many elected officials on the state and county levels for demanding this kind of transparency from the UTA.”