‘Political Insiders’ Say Clinton Will Hurt More than Help Utah Democrats

Hillary Clinton 05Now that Hillary Clinton has all but wrapped up the Democratic nomination, what effect will she have on down-ballot Democratic candidates in Utah?

Our “Political Insiders” mostly think Clinton will make no difference in races further down the ballot while a few think she will hurt Democratic chances this year.
Surprisingly, a majority of Republicans on our panel say Clinton’s presence at the top of the ticket will make no difference to Utah voters while about a third think she will make it tougher for Democrats to win.
Democrats are conflicted about having Clinton as their standard-bearer come November. 42% say she will make no difference while 37% say she will hurt their candidates. 21% say she will help Democrats at the ballot box later this year.
Our readers are much more negative about Clinton leading the charge for Utah Democrats. 49% say she will hurt down-ballot Democrats while just 12% say she will help them. Another 39% think her nomination will make no difference.
Last week, our “Political Insiders” felt similarly about Donald Trump as the Republican leader.
Utahns overall view Clinton much less favorably than Trump. 67% said they would not vote for Clinton if she were the Democratic nominee, while 52% said they would not cast a ballot for Trump. It’s unclear whether those results could spell trouble for down-ballot candidates.

Selected anonymous comments:
“Hillary on the ballot will be a fundraising help to both Utah Republicans and Utah Democrats, but in close general election races, her name on the ballot is unlikely to affect turnout.”
“Clinton and Trump at the top of both tickets will result in low voter turnout across the board.”
“No harm. Democrats have a high tolerance for congenital liars.”
“She is one of the worst candidates when it comes to connecting with people. She is nothing like her husband. Take that and all of the scandals and disenfranchised Bernie supporters and it’s going to be a tough election cycle for the Democrats.”
“She is toxic. Even more so than Trump.”
“Outside of Salt Lake City, folks in Utah are not real trusting of the Clintons.”
“I don’t think Hillary will help or hurt anyone in this state. Presidential candidates have proven to have very short coattails in Utah.”
“Hillary may be the least liked Democratic Presidential candidate since…(drum roll)…Bill Clinton.”
“Sen. Jim Dabakis does a much better job hurting Democrats.”
“Will increase ‘D’ turnout. Although not enough to overcome the usual 30% ‘R’ advantage in this state.”
“Clinton is very unpopular. Even many Democrats are a little bit reluctant to get fully behind her. Nevertheless, compared to Donald Trump, she is a shining star! The only thing that would really help Democratic candidates in Utah would be if Mitt Romney would declare himself a Democrat, or maybe Dieter Uchtdorf…”